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In the rapidly evolving world of security technology, international collaboration and strong distributor partnerships are paramount. CDVI continues to expand its global reach through its Director of International Sales, Fabrice Bioulet, establishing strong ties with distributors worldwide. Here's a glimpse of our ventures from May through September 2023.

Strengthening Bonds in Athens, Greece

Visit to Paradox Hellas

In May, CDVI’s International Ventures started in Athens, Greece, to meet with our esteemed distributor, Paradox Hellas. This visit, which took place on May 25th, served as a testament to our commitment to fostering strong partnerships.

The discussions revolved around the latest security solutions and innovations, further strengthening our collaboration.

CDVI greece Centaur Access control

Spotlight on Prague, Czech Republic


CDVI proudly participated in the ADI EXPO PRAGUE event held in Prague, Czech Republic, on May 31st, 2023. Organized by our distributor, ADI Czech Republic, this event showcased the cutting-edge security technologies CDVI has to offer.

Our team engaged with industry experts, sharing insights and experiences in the world of access control solutions. We’ve captured these moments.

CDVI ADI expo Prague contrôle d'accès et verrouillage

Unveiling Excellence in Sofia, Bulgaria

Visit to Sectron Bulgaria

In early June, CDVI set its sights on Sofia, Bulgaria, for a visit to Sectron Bulgaria. This visit, which occurred on June 7th, underscored our dedication to building enduring partnerships.

Discussions centered on the latest advancements in access control technology, ensuring that we deliver the best to our customers.

CDVI Bulgaria access control and locking solutions

Forging Connections in Barcelona, Spain

Visit to Nadal Badal

September marked an exciting visit to Nadal Badal in Barcelona, Spain. Our team met with the Nadal Badal/JIS Export team to collaborate on export strategies and explore new horizons. Various directors from CDVI joined the meetings, enriching the discussions.

This visit took place on September 14th and 15th, 2023, and was an excellent opportunity to share ideas and create synergy.

CDVI nadal badal strikes and access control SPAIN

Exploring Bucharest, Romania

Visit to Siel Invest

CDVI’s journey continued with a visit to Bucharest, Romania, where we met with our valued distributor, Siel Invest, on September 18th, 2023. The discussions centered on mutual growth and success in the dynamic world of security.

Visit to Emporium

On September 19th, 2023, CDVI explored further, visiting our distributor, Emporium, in Bucharest, Romania. This visit emphasized our commitment to delivering top-tier access control solutions to our partners and customers in the region.

CDVI Romania locking and access control

Building Bridges in Belgrade, Serbia

Visit to Sectron Serbia

In late September, CDVI visited Belgrade, Serbia, to engage with our distributor, Sectron Serbia. Discussions focused on strengthening our presence in the Serbian market and providing innovative access contol and locking solutions.

CDVI Serbia access control and locking solutions

As CDVI continues to expand its global footprint, we remain committed to collaboration, innovation, and excellence in the world of access control technology. Stay connected with us for more exciting updates and insights from our international ventures. Your security is our priority!

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