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What is MSI?

Multi-spectral imaging  (MSI) is an advanced method of capturing images that ensures a very high level of detail. Multi-spectral imaging penetrates deeper into the surface of its subject than standard optical sensors, and creates clearer, cleaner, more accurate images.

When a normal camera captures images, it does so by dividing the light into three channels: red, green, and blue (RGB). This is the same way that human eyes perceive colour and see the world around them. Multi-spectral cameras utilise other light sources that sit outside the RGB set and capture information that cannot be seen by human eyes or by standard cameras.

Where is MSI used?

The first successful uses of multi-spectral imaging were in the medical field, where it was used to identify and diagnose diseases that could not be detected with other means. Since then, MSI has been adapted for use in a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Military target tracking & land mine detection
  • Historical document & artwork analysis
  • Farming and land management
  • Forensic science
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Surveying & mapping

How is MSI used in access control?

CDVI utilises MSI in its ievo ultimate™ biometric fingerprint reader.

Typical fingerprint readers employ basic optical sensors that analyse the surface of the fingerprint. These sensors read images up to around 150 microns deep.

Meanwhile, the ultimate™ reader’s multi-spectral sensor utilises nine different sources of light that penetrate much deeper into the skin. The ultimate™ captures images up to 4000 microns deep, reading the surface and subsurface of the skin simultaneously. This makes the ultimate™ a high performance, high reliability biometric solution.

Even when fingerprints are hard to distinguish due to age, dirt and debris, moisture, or damage, the powerful multi-spectral sensor can still effectively analyse the print and produce an accurate image. The ultimate™ even works through certain Latex gloves.

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