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Automatic door operator for swing doors mounted above door frame with door held open

What is DIGIWAY?

DIGIWAY is a universal automation solution for both interior and exterior doors, adaptable for both single and double doors. With a built-in receiver and free programming app, all parameters can be quickly and easily configured, making installations simple and successful.

There are two distinct models of DIGIWAY door operators:

DIGIWAY PLUS is electro-mechanically driven and specifically designed to improve accessibility into and around buildings for people with reduced mobility, making it ideal for residential or care home projects.

DIGIWAY SR (Spring Return) is assisted by a chain-driven mechanism, making it particularly suitable for higher traffic sites. DIGIWAY SR is also fire rated to the EN1634-1 standard for up to 60 minutes.

Which DIGIWAY door operator is right for my project?

It’s important that you choose the right DIGIWAY model for your installation. Check the table below to find out how to identify the correct model.

Max Door Weight* 120kg 200kg
Max Door Width* 1.2m 1.5m
Power 50W 100W
Dimensions (mm) 511 x 50 x 110 685 x 90 x 110
Lock Power 12Vdc – 1A 12Vdc – 1A / 24Vdc – 0.5A
Fire Input Power 24-48Vdc NC contact
Semi-Automatic Mode Yes
Battery Failover Yes
Spring Return Yes
Software-Assisted Spring Pre-Load Yes
Fire Rated Yes

*At max door weight, width dimension reduces. See Suitability of Installation Questionnaire for details.

Installers working on double doors in overalls and hard hats

Suitability of Installation questionnaires

Make sure you choose the right DIGIWAY for your project