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  • airlock mangement unit plan cdvi

    Why install an airlock management unit?

    One of the most effective solutions for securing access to a building or room is the installation of an airlock…

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  • Badges ISO par CDVI pour contrôle d'accès

    How does access control using badges works?

    An access badge is a physical or dematerialised element that allows its user to enter an area according to the…

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  • Magnetic door Holder Bo600rp BO600W by CDVI

    How to pick the right Magnetic door holder for your access control system?

    CDVI Helps you to pick the perfect magnetic door holder for your access control solution. All you need to know…

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  • CDVI site export contrôle d'accès et verrouillage

    Explore CDVI.fr in English

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  • Access control - a secure, simple and worry-free solution for your business

    Ensuring the security of your premises, managing the flow of users, ensuring flexibility, guaranteeing continuity of service in the event…

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