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CCTV interface module for ATRIUM access control

Ref: F0115000026

AVISION provides a reliable video interface for ONVIF, HIKVision, and Dahua cameras. It offers live video streaming, with capacity to show up to four channels at anytime. The CCTV camera feed can also be triggered to pop up when particular security events occur in ATRIUM, such as access granted, access denied, door forced, or door open too long. By integrating CCTV with the access control system, security officers can benefit from full visibility over their site. Not only can they track event logs in ATRIUM, they can see exactly who has triggered the events.

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Key features

  • CCTV interace for ATRIUM access control
  • Compatible with Hikvision, Dahua, and ONVIF protocol cameras
  • Live video streaming for up to 4 channels at a time
  • Trigger CCTV pop-ups when access events occur
  • Easy card-based licensing and registration 


  • Technical specifications

    • User Limit
      Up to 10,000 users in ATRIUM
    • Channels
      Live streaming up to 4 channels at a time