Bluetooth plug-in module for DIGIWAY door operators

Ref: F0543000179

This Bluetooth module enables programming of DIGIWAY door operators from a smartphone. The module is fitted into the DIGIWAY door operator. The accompanying DIGIWAY BLE app mirrors the readout of the LCD screen. It also provides the same five-button keypad to make navigating menus and configuring parameters easy. There’s no fiddly buttons to deal with on door operators installed at uncomfortable heights – do it all from your phone.

The DIGIWAY BLE app is free to download from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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Key features

  • DIGIWAY Bluetooth plug-in module
  • Free DIGIWAY BLE mobile app
  • Enables programming from your smartphone
  • Makes it easy to navigate menus and set parameters

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  • Technical specifications

    • Bluetooth (Y/N)
  • Electrical specifications

    • Max Voltage (V)