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For gyms, swimming pools, spas, sports centres, and other leisure facilities, the challenge is in balancing the natural ebb and flow of visitor traffic with the protection of the building and its assets. With many multi-use facilities having a range of different membership or visitor options which allow access to different combinations of areas and services, it’s vital that the access control system can effectively handle complex requirements. Leisure facilities need reliable solutions that allow them to offer both quick and easy access for existing members, as well as temporary access for visitors.

With an online access control system such as ATRIUM, leisure facilities can offer flexibility while benefiting from confidence in the security of the premises. With up to 1,000 access levels available in ATRIUM, it’s easy to accommodate complex variations of membership and visitor options. Backed by an unrivalled 10-year warranty, ATRIUM is secure, reliable, and simple to use.

A man swimming in a pool doing frontcrawl with his left arm out of the water in mid stroke

How it works

Access control for leisure facilities is about empowering registered users with the freedom and autonomy to use the facility as they wish, while ensuring a higher level of security for the regular traffic flows into and out of the building.

For an existing member at a leisure facility, they approach the building and validate their entry using a card reader or biometric scanner. If they are authorised to enter, the door or turnstile unlocks to allow them access. Their membership includes certain facilities but not others – their credential allows them to access only the areas assigned to them. They can come and go as they please, with no need to queue or speak to staff.

Adding a layer of biometric security helps to ensure that only the individual with a paid membership can utilise the facilities. Biometric data cannot be shared or stolen, hugely reducing the chance of unauthorised individuals misusing cards or tags to enter the building.

Combining the access control system with card, tag, keypad, or biometric readers throughout the premises means registered users can be granted automatic access to the areas their membership covers. By promoting self-service and convenience for existing members, staff have more time to focus on providing the best customer service for visitors and potential new members. A dependable access control system means better security, happier customers, lower operational costs, and better reporting.

Biometric access control

Biometric technology adds another level of security to access control systems. Where traditional cards and tags can be lost, damaged, or stolen, biometric data is unique to individuals and exceptionally difficult to clone.