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If you are doubtfoul about using maglocks CDVI explains you how they maybe a key part of your access control solutions. What are the applications for electromagnetic locks? What are their advantages? In which sectors is the use of maglocks recommended? you will know eveything!

Electromagnetic locks and safety:

Incomparable strength: maglocks offer a holding force very similar to that of mechanical locks, and even superior when certain versions are chosen. Their real advantage is that they do not deteriorate when opened by force. This saves you money (a broken mechanical lock has to be replaced, and in some cases, even the door itself).

After the door has been subjected to extreme stress, it opens and closes intact. And it does so effectively and repeatedly.

With an electromagnetic lock, forced opening will be detected by the locking contacts, which will alert the alarm system depending on the procedure used by the installer (Alarm => COM/NC contacts or Access Control => COM/NO contacts).

Operational safety: In the event of fire or power failure, they unlock automatically, guaranteeing emergency exit.

Products certified to NF S61-937 and EN 1634-1/2 standards will guarantee user safety.

Access control: electromagnetic locks can be integrated into access control systems, limiting access to authorized persons only.

What are the applications for electromagnetic locks?


Entrance doors: Wicket doors and external gates, offices, residential buildings, industrial and commercial structures, etc.

Gates: Rising barriers, parking lots, garages, private and communal areas.

Cabinets: Lockers, security for personal goods, documents and equipment.


What are the advantages of maglocks?


Simple installation: electromagnetic locks are easy to install and require no regular maintenance. Voltage range from 12 to 48V DC.

Quiet operation: Unlike mechanical locks, electromagnetic locks are silent when opening and closing.

Energy-saving: Low-energy electromagnetic locks are just as efficient and consume less energy (-40 to -50% depending on model).

Customization: They can be personalized with different finish options and features to meet specific needs (OEM).

Modern design: Electromagnetic locks have a modern, elegant design, with different geometries to suit almost any environment.

In addition to the reasons listed above, they can be used in very harsh environments, subject to wide temperature variations, and are dust- and dirt-resistant.

V3SR et V5SR basse consommation

In which sectors is the use of maglocks recommended?

Residential buildings: To allow access only to residents and authorized persons, and to secure escape routes in case of emergency and/or fire.

Sensitive areas: Airports, power plants and data centers.

Events: To control access to concerts, fairs and other events.

Industrial machinery: To protect operators against the risk of accidents.

Means of transport: Lock access doors for bus and train drivers.

Medical equipment: To ensure patient safety during medical procedures.


In general, maglocks are used wherever a high holding force is required, and reliable operation is essential.


CDVI offers a wide range of electromagnetic locks to meet your needs and continues to innovate with the launch of the first low-energy consumption maglocks:

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