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Access control systems have become essential in today's heightened security environment. One of the most effective solutions for securing access to a building or room is the installation of an airlock management unit. In this article, we explore the reasons why it is essential to install such a solution.

Reinforcing access security with airlock management unit

The primary objective of an airlock management unit is to reinforce access security. By creating a transit zone between the outside and inside of the building, airlocks allow rigorous control of who can enter. Modern systems incorporate verification devices such as tag readers, fingerprint readers or facial recognition tools. These measures ensure that only authorised people are allowed in.

airlock management system SASIC by CDVI

Optimising Flow Control and Improving Visitor Management

Airlocks offer an effective way of optimising the control of people flows. They enable precise management of visitors, employees and suppliers. Access authorisations can be defined according to time slots, security levels and sensitive areas. This makes for smoother visitor management and reduces potential disruption.


Reducing the risk of intrusion

One of the major benefits of an airlock management system is the significant reduction in the risk of intrusion. By forcing individuals to pass through a control zone, airlocks make unauthorised access much more difficult. Alarms can be triggered in the event of an intrusion attempt, enabling a rapid response to potential threats.

airlock mangement unit plan cdvi


Ensuring compliance with safety standards

Many industries are subject to strict safety standards. Airlock management units help companies to comply with these regulations. They keep an accurate record of entries and exits, which is essential for auditing and compliance. They also help to maintain a secure working environment and reduce the risk of security breaches.

In conclusion, installing an airlock management system is an essential decision for reinforcing access security, optimising flow control, reducing the risk of intrusion and ensuring compliance with security standards. It’s a crucial investment in protecting your business and its assets.

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