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Electronic boards are full of precious metals (aluminium, copper, gold, etc.) that can be recycled, constituting a veritable mine. CDVI is committed to exploiting this potential responsibly by investing in the research and development of eco-responsible dismantling solutions.

Eco-design: a priority for CDVI

From the design phase onwards, CDVI integrates eco-design and the durability of its products (guaranteed for 10 years), while facilitating their dismantling.

Examples of sustainable innovations:

  • Elimination of resin: CDVI has invested in a machine to tropicalise its products without using resin, making it easier to dismantle components.
  • Magnetic architectural handles: the use of Reduxa® aluminium reduces CO2 emissions by 5 times compared with traditional aluminium.

sustainable access control CDVI V3SR low consumption

Low-power electromagnetic maglocks:

  • Energy efficiency: consumption less than 3.5 watts, compliant with NF S 61937 standard.
  • High performance: increased holding force, ideal for sensitive applications (fire, hydraulics, etc.).
  • Durability: lifetime in excess of 10 years in intensive use.

Mobile-PASS: a dematerialised solution for sustainable access control

CDVI also offers Mobile-PASS, a dematerialised tag solution using smartphones, reducing the consumption of plastic cards.

Environmental commitment :

  • RoHS-certified suppliers: CDVI requires its suppliers to have certifications guaranteeing the restriction of hazardous substances in its products.
  • Financing recycling: CDVI is committed to recycling WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

And this is just the first step. In the future, CDVI plans to strengthen its CSR approach, combining safety and sustainable development.

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