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Whether you want to check entry and exit history, manage authorisations, unlock access remotely, change opening times or view events in real time, easy, secure access to your access control system is crucial.

SaaS solutions :

SaaS (Software as a Service) access control solutions offer great flexibility and scalability. Two main access modes are available:

Software access :

  • Installation on a dedicated computer.
  • Access to all system functions.Access to all system functions.
  • Allows the most demanding settings.Allows the most demanding settings.
  • Automatic data backup.Automatic data backup.
  • Preferred solution by installers.Preferred solution by installers.

Acces via a secure web interface:

  • Accessible via a web browser.
  • No dedicated PC required.
  • Quick, concise access to information.
  • Particularly useful for administrators.


Additional features :

  • User and group management: Create, modify and delete users, assign specific access rights.
  • Reports and statistics: track entries and exits, identify users, generate customised reports.
  • Remote control: unlock doors, activate/deactivate alarms, change system settings remotely.
  • Integration with other systems: home automation, video surveillance, alarm management.


Safety :

  • Security is a crucial element when accessing an access control system. It is important to choose a solution that offers advanced security features such as:
  • Multi-factor authentication: Combination of several authentication methods for enhanced security.
  • Data encryption: Protection of sensitive data against intrusion and theft.
  • Event logging: Records all system activity for complete traceability.
  • Regular updates: Installation of the latest security updates to ensure system protection.


Choosing the right solution:

The choice of access solution for your access control system depends on a number of factors such as:

  • The type of access control system: The technologies available vary from system to system.
  • Your organisation’s needs: Functionality required, level of security needed, budget.
  • Your level of technical expertise: Some solutions may be more complex to install and use.

accéder à son système de contrôle d'accès

The ATRIUM KRYPTO CDVI solution offers these two possibilities. They can be used simultaneously or independently.

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