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What are smartphone credentials?

Smartphone or mobile credentials are a method of gaining entry to an electronically-locked door by sending a valid signal from a smartphone.

As a method of access control, smartphone credentials are:

  • convenient for users
  • much less likely to be forgotten or lost
  • cost-effective in the long run

These days, our whole lives are on our phones. Why should access control be any different?

Mobile-PASS Smartphone Credentials

Mobile-PASS offers flexible, convenient access control at your fingertips. By combining simplicity with robust security, these smartphone credentials are changing the game.

How would you like to unlock a door? With Mobile-PASS, there are FIVE different methods to validate your identity and gain entry. So you’re free to do what suits you best.

  • Biometric. Use the built-in fingerprint scanner or facial recognition camera on your phone.
  • Scan. Simply hold your phone up to the reader to unlock the door.
  • Touch. Open the app and tap a button to let yourself in.
  • Voice. Say the words “open door” to, well… open the door!
  • Automatic. The reader finds your phone in the vicinity and triggers the unlock straightaway.

High security access control solution

Mobile-PASS credentials are compatible with the A22K controller and the K Series of readers. The best bit about that? They all come with high security AES encryption built-in. Straight out of the box, you’ve got military-grade security protecting your data.



According to N-ABLE, “AES would take billions of years to break using current computing technology”. That means that card cloning is a thing of the past. No need to worry about hackers intercepting signals and falsely replicating credentials – AES encrypted systems are robustly protected for your peace of mind.

No annual subscription fees or cloud storage costs
End-to-end AES encryption built-in
Greater convenience than ever before
cryptage et contrôle d'accès par CDVI

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