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ATRIUM Floorplan Manager licence

Ref: F0111000226

This Floorplan Manager is a simple and intuitive extension of the ATRIUM web server. Upload your floorplans in JPEG or PNG format, and you can view and control door status in real time. Lock or unlock doors immediately from any web browser on any device! Note that this extension is only compatible with the A22K controller.

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Key features

  • View door status on a floor plan in real time from any web browser on any device
  • Activate all door options in real time (locked, unlocked, access granted, etc)
  • Easy to configure drag-and-drop interface
  • Supports .jpg or .png file (1MB maximum upload)
  • One Floorplan Manager per site
  • Compatible with A22K encrypted controller only

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  • Technical specifications

    • User Limit
      1 licence per site
  • Appearance

    • Surface Material
      PVC (licence card)
  • Dimensions

    • Product Height (mm)
      80 (licence card)
    • Product Width (mm)
      110 (licence card)
    • Product Depth (mm)
      2 (licence card)
    • Product Weight (kg)
      0.07 (licence card)