Embeded mount Infrared controler

Ref: F0410000170

This infrared control, available as a built-in or surface-mounted version, is the ideal solution for environments where hygiene or hands-free operation is important.
The range of this switch is adjustable between 25 and 50 cm. Simply wave your hand in front of it to activate it. Thanks to its stainless steel finish, this control is extremely robust and vandal-resistant.
The burglar-proof sliding screws eliminate the risk of sabotage. The control is fitted with a buzzer that gives a signal when activated but can be deactivated for environments where discreet use is desired. By using a special protective coating on the board, this control can be used indoors and outdoors.

– Recommended for PRM, hygienic (infrared / contactless)
– Resistant (stainless steel)
– Recommended for people with disabilities (light and sound)
– 9/24 V DC power supply

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  • Electrical specifications

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