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French standard NF S61-937 governs the design and installation of actuated safety devices (ASDs) to ensure their suitability for use in a safety system against the risk of panic during evacuation. CDVI offers a wide range of suction pads and electromagnetic strips complying with the NF S61-937 standard, all designed for use in emergency exits. The NF S61-937 compliance of equipment manufactured by CDVI is certified by CNPP, a renowned French laboratory.

How do CDVI products comply with the NF S61-937 standard?

Our products comply with very detailed specifications dictated by the requirements of the NF S61-937 standard. Numerous tests are required to verify compliance, as well as a rigorous manufacturing process.

How do we help our customers choose a locking device?

Quite simply by having all our equipment certified to the NF S61-937 standard, thereby eliminating any risk of error in terms of use and/or destination.
Whatever the site to be equipped, CDVI’s maglocks will comply.
Moreover, all CDVI’s surface-mounted electromagnetic locks are fire-rated for 30 minutes. Certification by the CSTB to standard EN 1634-1 and -2.
All certificates and instructions can be downloaded from the “www.cdvi.fr/en” website and, for more detailed explanations, our sales team and technical department are at your disposal.
Please do not hesitate to contact them.

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The requirements of standard NF S61-937 have acquired such a reputation in France and abroad (Spain, Benelux, United Kingdom, etc.) that, for safety reasons, many establishments receiving public have been equipped, even abroad, with magnetic architectural handles and maglocks manufactured by CDVI

Jean-Michel Defert, Global product manager Locking CDVI

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